Capture the moments in between.

Transformation lets you capture all the milestones on your transformative weight loss journey! From start to finish, watch every step unfold on your path to reach your goal.


Tell Your Story.

We have all seen before/after photos of people who have lost weight, but we never get to see the progress in between. Transformation is an app for iPhone that lets you to take photos on a regular basis to track a your weight loss. At any time, you can create a video from your photos and share it on social media.


Take a photo each week with Transformation to tell your entire weight loss story.


Share your story on social media and amaze your friends with your own transformation.


Transformation enables you to easily create a video that tells your story from start to finish!

Get Motivated

Transformation can remind you to capture a photo each week so you stay motivated!

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Evan K. Stone is the founder of Transformation Apps and developer of the Transformation: Weight app. Not only is he the developer, but he's a user as well!
Evan K. Stone
Founder, Developer

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